Mission Statement

Rig Grip Incorporated is dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge industrial containment systems capable of withstanding the most demanding performance requirements, including resistance to punctures, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. The foundation of our company rests on 100 years of R&D and manufacturing in geosynthetics. Rig Grip® products are engineered with only high-strength materials carefully chosen for specialized performance. Rig Grip® products are 100% made in the USA.


Company Background

While environmental responsibility is an ideal valued by many companies, at Rig Grip Incorporated, it is the bedrock of four generations of business practices.

Rig Grip Incorporated traces its beginnings to A. Weinstein and Son, a wool trading and blending company. In 1911, the company started a tradition of environmental responsibility by buying recycled wool and selling it to be processed into other manufactured products. Then, after the Second World War, Charles Weinstein broadened the company's products through the purchase of recycled synthetics to manufacture yarn and blankets. He developed a new niche, utilizing nylon tow from World War II glider towing line and recycling the material for the manufacture of yarn for sweaters.

During the 1980’s, Charles' son, Reuben Weinstein, launched American Engineered Fabrics, Inc and Boom Environmental Products to produce and distribute a full line of 100% post-consumer based geosynthetic products. When the Exxon Valdez hit the rocks, it instantly sparked the emergence of the absorbents industry. Weinstein was ready to meet the challenge by quickly turning the family's textile company in a new direction.

Rig Grip Incorporated, which is owned and managed by Reuben and his son Daniel, now continues it's innovation in environmental containment manufacturing by securing critical shale plays across North America.