The RIG Grip® T-485

The T-485 is a heavy-duty and flexible 75 mil fibrillated woven-coated spill containment liner. The material was originally developed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on national shorelines as a permanent heavy-duty erosion prevention product. Modified for spill containment in challenging conditions, the T-485 is a 41 oz/sy product with 1,000 lbs of tensile strength, 485 lbs of puncture, and high UV resistance.

Available with ribbed RigRug™ for Nonwoven/woven coated composite. Value engineered for highly challenging use.

  Rig Grip® T-485 Specification Sheet

The RIG Grip® T-485 Advantages


Proprietary Fibrillated Woven PP customized for puncture resistance and flexibility.

Reduced costs

Value Engineered for strength. Over 1,000 tensile strength and 485lbs puncture. Contact us for pricing.


Patent-pending RigRug™ synthetic carpet technology available to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

The Rig Grip® T-485 Specifications

  Rig Grip® T-485 Specification Sheet

ASTM Method Warp Fill
Fabric Weight (oz/yd2): D-5261 20oz/SY
Fabric Thickness (mils): D-5199 75
2" Strip Tensile (lb): D-5035 1072 1847
2" Strip Elongation (%): 23.0 16.0
Wide Width Tensile (lb/in): D-4595 479 788
Wide Width Elongation (%): 21.7 12.3
Trapezoid Tear (lb): D-4533 235 411
Tongue Tear (lb): D-2261 182 247
Burst (psi): D-3786 >/= 1200 * (Exceeds Capacity of Machine)
Puncture (lb): D-4833 485
CBR Puncture (lb): D-6241 3452
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