The RIG Grip® MC6

The RIG Grip® MC6

New technologies in oil and gas are revolutionizing energy production in America. Protecting populated areas and complying with local containment regulations are essential to securing the future for this vital industry. Rig Grip® Incorporated and its affiliates, leaders in manufacturing sustainable engineered textiles since 1911, developed the Rig Grip® product line as a high-tech containment solution to protect critical drilling areas.

The RIG Grip® MC6 Advantages


The MC6 is a scrim reinforced geomembrane specialized for puncture resistance and flexibility, even in sub-zero temperatures. Patent-pending design also includes a 15oz RigRug™ Geotextile, providing additional liner protection in drive or walk-over applications. Available in mil increments of 36, 45, 60, 80, and 100.

Reduced costs

Durability often leads to multiple uses, driving down costs on repair and replacement. For permanent applications, including tank batteries, product design and installation efficiency often leads to cost savings including reduced labor, gravel, steel walkways, and more. Case studies are available upon request.


RigRug™ patent-pending technology provides critical anti-slip, trip, and fall prevention. RigRug™ Summer Green has been tested on location to reduce temperature by 20°f compared to black liners.

Custom Engineering

In order to meet the chemical resistance requirements of all projects and applications, the MC6 is available in TPO, Elvaloy KEE, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, and other specialized thermoplastic resins.

Rig Grip® is manufactured using extrusion lamination. Core membrane is extruded onto the RigRug™, making for a solid unicaste product. No glue or adhesive products are used during the production of Rig Grip®. This process ensures long lasting durability and performance.

BLM and company colors are also available upon request.

The Rig Grip® MC6 Specifications

  Rig Grip® MC6 Specification Sheet
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  • RigRug™: Structured Geotextile
  • Geomembrane: Available in mil thicknesses from 36mil-60mil.


  • Top fabric pattern: Ribbed high cord.
  • Colors: Black and BLM colors.

Master Roll Dimensions

  • 10'x 225'. Available in custom sized panels and drive-on berms


  • Innovative antislip, trip, and fall surface.
  • Available in FR per test standard NFPA 705.

Install protocols



  • Field Repair Protocol is conducted by thermoplastic welding.
  • Hand weld Rig Grip® patch material in place & use hand roller to seal.
  • Confirm seam quality & touch up if necessary.