RIG Grip® Portable Berms

Portable Spill Containment Berms

Spills are dangerous to the environment and to worker safety, especially in the military, construction, industrial, and oil and gas industries. Commodity plastics are neither durable nor non-slip, leading to high turnover and liability.

In contrast, RIG GRIP® patented collapsible spill containment berms are durable, long-term weathering resistant, and they meet ANSI 137.1 anti-slip safety standards.

Learn About Our Portable Spill Containment Berms

RIG GRIP® patented spill containment berms feature the following value-engineered benefits:

  • Built to Last: RIG GRIP® berms are engineered with scrim-reinforced and flexible liners for high puncture and tear resistance.
  • Safety: Rig Grip®‘s anti-slip surface provides a safe and reliable surface to walk on. It meets ANSI 137.1 safety standard.
  • Rapid Deployment: Vinyl-covered foam frames make for simple and efficient shipping, set up, and take down. Enjoy easy deployment, transportation, and cleaning.
  • Quality Control: All RIG GRIP® spill containment berm seams are air-wand tested for QAQC.

  • Available in the following berm sizes:

  • 6’X6’
  • 10’x10’
  • 12’X20’
  • 12’X30’
  • 12’X40’
  • 12’X50’
  • 12’X60’
  • 60’x60’

  • Custom sizes are also available upon request. RIG GRIP® provides a high return on investment by manufacturing durable, safe, and long-lasting spill containment berms that are easy to deploy and clean up. Contact us today at (800) 770-2666 or sales@riggripinc.com.

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